About Jqnomics

Hi! I’m Jayquel (JQ) Peñaloga, a business counselor, an entrepreneur, and an economics enthusiast. I always wanted to write about economics and how it can help us in our everyday lives. I really want to promote it as a tool for a good living and of course, good decision making.

Now, in case you are wondering, why jqnomics? What is it?

Let me start with my belief. I personally believe that one way to solve the economic woes and societal problems is through the productive use of our resources (e.g time, manpower, wealth) and one way to do this is to promote entrepreneurship. We can improve as a nation by value adding our resources and we can best do it through business ventures. 

I believe that through business development, particularly the micro, small, and medium enterprises, we can improve the social and economic standing of our countrymen. Why? Because businesses can partner with governments and other agents in solving social problems.

Businesses creates a ripple effect in improving the lives of the people around it. For example, a small shop employing around three (3) people does not only impact the lives of these three employees but their families as well. If an average family size is five (5) persons, then automatically the business already helped fifteen persons. But, that is only accounting for the employees.  What if we consider the forward and backward linkages of the business? Surely, many people would really benefit. That is why as a business counselor, I feel sad whenever I see a business close. I know that closure has a negative ripple effect as well.

On the other hand, the business world can be both tough and competitive. Against the uncertainties, problems, and challenges businesses face, a call for an insightful and practical decision making is needed. Managers must make decisions applying economic principles while presenting business problems and its solution. This is where business economics comes in by providing a link between economic theory and the decision sciences in the analysis of managerial decision making.

So, why jqnomics?  Because it embodies what I think is the best I can help our economy – that is to consolidate and organize information to help entrepreneurs grow their business. Jqnomics’ value proposition is that it will serve as a knowledge resource hub for entrepreneurs to get information how to start, run, and grow their business from idea generation to success. What makes this site unique from other business info sites is that it offers relevant economic insights to business scenarios and current events affecting businesses and the economy.

I hope you will enjoy reading the articles. If you want to become a guest blogger for this site, kindly send me a message and discuss what you want to write about. Happy reading!