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Search for more than 500+ Business Ideas to get started with your entrepreneurial journey. Plus, some start-up tips just for you.

Build, Run, & Grow your Business

Practical guide for you to successfully operate your business. Your guide in the preparation of business plan, fund sourcing, marketing, and many more.


Look for the best franchise business you can start today whether food, retail, or service franchise. Learn the ins and outs of the franchise industry and make money using the 600+ proven business concepts of franchising

Business Economics

Learn how economics makes smarter businesses. Make use of the economics concepts that would make you a step ahead of your competition

economic development

Economic Development

Learn how businesses foster economic development and improve the overall economic well-being and quality of life.

MSME Toolkits & Resources

Various templates, forms, how-tos, directories and many more resources specially selected and prepared for SMEs.

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By incorporating the concept and pragmatism of economics, Jqnomics is helping businesses to become better and to become partners in sustainable economic development.

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Helping entrepreneurs grow their business through relevant SME resources, toolkits, and ideas. 

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